Invest with us


Invest from as little as R300pm or a R1000 once-off into a passive investment such as an exchange traded fund or a tax free investment account. Alternatively you can invest R250,000 or more into our actively managed accounts, with a historical performance of just under 20% per year over the last two years.


Trade through us


We have world class trading platforms on which you can trade local or international instruments, including shares, contracts for difference, futures, options, bonds, forex, commodities and more. Or if you prefer to speak to a broker, then you don’t have to use a trading platform at all. Just call us.


Insure and protect


Protect yourself, your health, your family and loved ones, your assets and your business. Life insurance. Short term insurance. Business insurance. Medical gap cover. Unit trusts. Setting up trusts or companies. Retirement planning and annuities. Financial planning and more. We are here to help.

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