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We are an Authorised Financial Services Provider, with FSP number 43057. This entails having the necessary operational abilities, being fit and proper, acting with honesty and integrity, and having all the necessary Professional Indemnity cover and insurances and guarantees in place.

Why use a broker?

Simple. To execute your trades. Keep in mind that not all brokers cater for smaller/retail clients. Some have got strict minimums, where you have to invest R1m or more in order to become one of their clients. We cater for bigger and for smaller investors alike. You can invest R100,000 or more in a managed account, or you can start small, by opening your trading account and deciding how much you want to invest – or even sign a debit order form and invest as little as R300pm in something like the Satrix 40 ranges of ETF’s. And a broker is also the so that you have someone to bounce your ideas off, someone who speaks the same language.

Who we are

Our company started with Arthur Buchner, who was the Head of Derivatives at Nedbank Capital for many a year. Now we have around 16 bright young minds, trading from SA and the UK. We’ve got backgrounds in Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Finance, and a CFA candidate. We do all kinds of trading, including short term, long term, technical, fundamental, day trading, swing trading, pairs trading, algo trading and more. There’s around 100 articles/transcripts with Arthur giving past market commentary on this site, so you are welcome to read more. Meet the team here.

Why choose us?

It’s a smart move. Switch to us and pay lower rates. We believe we have the best value proposition in the country. We can assist you to move over your portfolio to us. We also have various trading platforms to suit your needs. You can trade via web-based platforms, comprehensive software packages, or on your tablet or smartphone. Find out more about our platforms here. We also have trading ideas that we send out to clients. And if you are new to the markets, we can assist you with decision making tools like VectorVest, or setting up a managed account with our professional portfolio managers.

Security & rates

We act as an Introducing broker. We open client accounts through Nedbank , Peregrine, Saxo, etc. All much bigger than us. They’re not geared to deal with 100’s of retail clients. We then act as the IB, open the accounts, do the admin, speak to the clients – and you get the service & security benefits plus lower rates.

How to trade

You decide. Pick up the phone and call us to execute your trades. Or trade yourself on one of the award winning trading platforms. Or open a managed account where a portfolio manager will decide what and when to trade on your account. Or sign up to invest monthly via debit order. the choice is yours.

What to trade

Pretty much everything under the sun. Locally, we can assist you to open a JSE/BDA account for shares, Safex account for futures trading, Yield-X account for currencies, and a CFD account to trades contracts for difference. And through our international accounts you can trade almost 25,000 instruments, in over 30 different exchanges across the globe. This includes the following and more: Equities – local and international, ETF – exchange traded funds, like the Satrix 40, CFD – contracts for difference, SSF – single stock futures, IDX – international futures, ALSI contracts and international futures/CFD’s on indices like the SP500, FTSE and many more, FX – currency futures against the rand or any international pair like the cable, COM – commodities, gold, oil, grains, orange juice and OPT – options on the above. Local and international.

Dummy accounts

We also offer dummy accounts. So you can try before you buy. The dummy accounts allow you to play with plastic money, execute trades, and get used to the platforms. We have dummy accounts available to cater for every need – for long term investors, for short term traders, for clients looking to trade on their phones, tablets, mobile devices, desktop computers or the internet.

Other USP’s

We have an open door policy. You can set up an appointment and come and chat to one of our portfolio managers, or maybe spend a short while looking at how things work in the dealing room. We also have a wealth of client education, presentations, online tools, decision making tools, trading ideas and more to get you going. Some of our trading platforms also have built-in trading ideas that is available for free to all clients/account holders. We try to simplify things. And we will gladly assist you in transferring your account from another broker to us.

Open invite

You are more than welcome to call us and set up an appointment with one of our friendly brokers and portfolio managers. Don’t delay – invest in your future today. It might be a lot easier than you think.

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Keep it simple: “Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.” ~Peter Lynch

Goals: An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination. ~Ralph Seger

Love what you do: “I hate weekends because there is no stock market. ~Rene Rivkin


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