Bank details

Herewith the bank details to fund your trading accounts – Nedbank, Peregrine, Satrix investments, and Saxo local and offshore accounts.

  • Please note that cash deposits in excess of R5,000 are not permitted.
  • Please state your account number on the reference section of your deposit slip/EFT.
  • Send the proof of payment to fax nr 086.5252.405 or
  • Do not hesitate to contact your Portfolio Manager, should you require any further information or assistance.


For Nedbank accounts
  • Bank – Nedbank
  • Branch – Northsite
  • Branch code – 195505
  • Account type – Current
  • Account name – Courtney Capital Management
  • Account number – 1056614501
  • Reference – your account number or surname & telephone number


For Peregrine accounts
  • Bank – Standard Bank
  • Branch – Sandton
  • Branch code – 019205
  • Account type – Current
  • Account name – Peregrine Equities – Resident Trust Account
  • Account number – 220737622
  • Reference – your account number
Please note
  • For internet and SWIFT deposits use branch code 250655.
  • All other deposits use branch code 255005.
  • Cash deposits in excess of R5,000 are not permitted.
  • Should you have any queries in this regard please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager.


Peregrine BNY details

Bank details for funding offshore accounts through Peregrine:

BNY Cash Funding Details


Satrix Investments

Lump sum payments should be made to:

  • Satrix Managers (Pty) Ltd
  • Bank: ABSA Bank
  • Branch: Investor Services
  • Branch Code: 336005
  • Account No.: 4064804630

Please send us the proof of payment for all Satrix investments.

Basic CMYK

Funding your Saxo account

Funding an offshore account is easier than you think. You can either contact your bank, or work through a foreign exchange company like The latter is likely to be much cheaper than going through your bank, as banks typically charge an admin fee of around R500, plus an additional 2-3% of the amount that you want to move overseas. Compare that to the indicative rates from Exchange4Free as below, and you’ll see that they are around 50% cheaper than going to your bank – and the process is so much simpler, as they help you with all the necessary paperwork. Comparison:

Service provider Admin Fee Plus the Spread
Your Bank ± R750; depending on the bank ± 2-3% of transaction value
Exchange4Free R375 on amounts <R100k up to 1% of transaction value
*No admin fee on amounts >R100k up to 1% of transaction value
To send money to your Saxo offshore account, simply do the following:
  1. Use the button below to go to the application form to submit your client details
  2. Select the up to R1m (default) or R4m Foreign Investment from the menu and click Next
  3. Choose the relevant Saxo Capital Markets account and then Click submit
  4. You will then receive an email, with all the the forms already pre-completed for signature
  5. We’ll then send a courier to collect all originals at which stage you can fix a rate with Exchange4Free and send the money overseas to your Saxo account.
  6. The process is very quick and easy, and Exchange4Free will offer you the best exchange rate and no international transfer fees or commissions.


using the exchange4free service

Additional information on taking your money offshore:

Up to R1m Foreign Investment

Good news – No SARS Tax Clearance Certificate needed. Private individuals may now use their R1 Million Single Discretionary Allowance without having to obtain a SARS Tax Clearance Certificate. This R1 Million forms part of the annual Discretionary Allowance which includes travel, gifts and maintenance. These funds can be invested into personal bank accounts, offshore investment portfolios, property or any other investments.

Up to R4m Foreign Investment

SARS Clearance required. Private individuals may invest R4 Million per person outside of South Africa per calendar year. These funds can be invested into offshore investment portfolios, property or other investments. All transfers are authorised, processed and paid out via an authorised dealer in South Africa in strict accordance with exchange control and anti-money laundering regulations to ensure that all funds received and paid out are safe and secure.

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