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Emotional investors

Emotional investing clouds judgement and forces your to make irrational decisions — things you would not have done in an objective and disciplined state of mind.  We all have these feelings from time to time.  Have a look a the

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New traders

The most valuable advice that I have ever received was quite simple: “Don’t just look at the chart… Trade it.” 10 Best Tips for New Traders Patience: Learning to trade doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be patient and spend some time on this. It

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Words of wisdom

10 Tips for Successful Trading Change your mindset. Trade together with momentum. Look at the charts. Don’t trade according to what you believe should be the correct position economically. Questionable adage. We have heard “buy low and sell high” numerous

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Stay calm

9 Ways to Fight Stock Market Stress We all know stress is bad. As a Trader/Investor, it is imperative that you stay on your game from Monday to Friday. So how do we fight stress? The key is to stay calm

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Top 10 Bear Market Trading Tips So the market falls 15% and look to come down more – what are investors supposed to do? Some might advise moving into cash and waiting out the storm.  Warren Buffet might say invest

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Traders’ updates


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