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Why open an account through us and not directly with our partners?

Citibank Building, Cabot square, Canary Wharf
Inside Saxo Bank, Head Office, DK
Citibank, Canary Wharf, archive
Saxo Head Office, famous design by 3XN architects
Nedbank Capital, Sandton, JHB
The JSE, Gwen Lane, Sandton, JHB
Nedbank Head Office, Katherine West, Sandton, JHB
Saxo dealing room, Copenhagen

Because we offer better rates

For example, if you go to Nedbank Capital to open a CFD account, then you would pay a brokerage rate of 40bp [basis points, 1/10,000th, so 0.40%] — but if you open that same Nedbank account through Courtney Capital, then we would start you off at a CFD rate of around 25bp [0.25% of exposure per trade]. That is a saving of almost 40%. And it makes a huge difference if you look at your total brokerage for the year.

How is this possible?

Simple. The bigger institutions cater for bigger/institutional clients. The are not all geared to deal with thousands of individual retails clients. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t want the extra business. It just makes more sense for them to have Courtney Capital as their single point of contact for smaller retail clients. So you can speak, trade and execute with us, or on your platform, while enjoying the same high-end platforms and infrastructure as the bigger players — and, best of all, it may cost you less then it would have if you had gone to the bigger institution directly.

Service providers

  1. Nedbank – capital and prime broking
  2. Peregrine – securities, listed company
  3. Saxo – capital markets local and abroad
  4. Interactive Brokers – offshore trading
  5. AllanGray – long term investments
  6. Brightrock – a fresh take on life insurance
  7. PPS – insurance & investments for professionals
  8. Alexander Forbes – short term insurance
  9. Indequity – specialized insurance
  10. Cura – medical gap cover for individuals
  11. Satrix – tax free and other investments
  12. Vectorvest – technical & fundamental anaylsis
  13. Exchange4free – money transfers

And more

  1. The JSE – Johannesburg stock exchange
  2. Citibank – international
  3. BNY – the Bank of New York
  4. Iress – trading platform provider
  5. Investec – offshore trading products
  6. Itransact – exchange traded funds
  7. Askari – external compliance
  8. AOS – automated outsourcing services
  9. RSI – Russel Stone International
  10. Computershare – financial administration
  11. Tradingfloor – social trading and analysis

Happy days

We have spent a lot of time forming great relationships with our service providers so that you don’t have to. Just become a Courtney Capital Private Wealth Client and take advantage of having all of the above at your fingertips. Easy.

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Remember: the lower your costs — the higher your profits.

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