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We offer a range of trading platforms. All of these are free. There is no cost to you. And all the platforms include live market data. So you get a lot more than just a website from your bank on which you trade shares with limited information. Our platform range from basic one-screen layouts, to advanced multi-device platforms aimed at day traders and professional traders, showing auction uncrossing prices, good charting . Have a look at what we offer:


Iress, for local instruments

The Iress platforms are being used Worldwide – including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, and now also South Africa. It is rapidly gaining market share in South Africa. Iress can also be white-labelled, so you will see the platform being offered by various local players, including Nedbank, Peregrine, Investec, Thebe, etc. Each one has their own logo and colour scheme, but it is essentially the same platform underneath.


We offer the Iress platforms through Nedbank and Peregrine. Peregrine offers you a single username/password, and then you can link all your different accounts to that single platform – so you trade any local instrument from one place. Nedbank currently offers CFD trading on their version of Iress, called Ntrade, and they are currently in the process of adding equities and other local instruments. The Iress platform is available in two versions:

Iress Investor

iress investor

As easy as it gets

Investor has a basic one-screen layout. It is conveniently divided into 4 sections, so you can easily view your watchlist/shares; manage your portfolio and see all your open positions; load and view all your orders; and have access to some basic charting and technical analysis. Iress Investor is more aimed at people who trade overnight positions, ie do not buy and sell within the same day, but rather buy something to keep the position for a few days, weeks, months or years. It also doesn’t require Java, and it is not a software package that you need to install on your machine. Which means you can access Iress Investor from any device with any internet browser – including smartphones & tablets. We also offer demo accounts, so that you can get used to the look and feel of the platform. The demo account offers delayed data, whereas the live account offers live data.

Iress Trader

iress trader

Aimed at daytraders

Trader is an advanced daytrading platform. It shows auction uncrossing prices, and has the ability to load a multitude of order types – including stop loss, take profit, breakout orders, contingent/if-done orders and trailing stops. It requires the latest version of Java to be installed, which means you will not be able to access it from your phone or tablet. Java enables right-click functionality in the browser, so the trading platform is very easy to navigate and use. You can program your own custom keys and it also offers a DDE link/plugin, and the ability import & export data to other applications. Trader may be overkill for someone who only wants to place a few orders and keep track of his positions. The demo/dummy accounts details are the same for both Iress Trader and Investor – so that you can log into both and play around and see the differences between the two packages.

Try the FREE Iress Demo accounts

You can test drive either Trader or Investor for free. Use the links and login details below to try the platforms for yourself. You can get used to the look and feel, place trades and play around. There are some limitations, though: up to 50 people can log in simultaneously; the data is delayed by 15 mins, so you don’t get live data on the demo account; and by the end of the trading day all positions are flushed – so there is no carry-over to the next day.

Iress Investor demo

username = demo@peregrine
password = password123

Iress Trader demo

username = demo@peregrine
password = password123

Further reading & resources for the Iress platforms, all with screenshots



Basic CMYK


Saxo, both Local & International

saxotinkoff20121For those not familiar with Saxo Bank: they have over 1,000 employees, speaking 40 languages – there’s 25 languages on the platforms alone. They have a proven track record, with both private and institutional clients in 190 different countries; they do around 175,000 forex trades every day; and the daily turnover is around $15-20 billion USD. Oh, and you might have seen their cycling team at the Tour de France, see The Saxo platforms allow you to trade the following:


Saxo bank operates everywhere

  1. 24000+ different instruments to trade;
  2. 7300+ different CFD’s, including 21 index tracking CFD’s,
  3. 13000+ different shares, traded on:
  4. 33+ different exchanges,
  5. 1300+ different ETF’s and ETC’s,
  6. 500+ different bonds [traded offline],
  7. 160+ different forex crosses,
  8. 140+ different futures, incl. energy, metals, bonds, indicies, currencies & interest rates,
  9. Forex crosses, forwards and options,
  10. CFD commodities allows smaller lot sizes than with futures.


One login, 3 different Saxo platforms

So you can trade the world. All of the above is offered to you in three different formats: SaxoTrader is a great package to download for your desktop pc; SaxoWebTrader is a web version of the software, allowing you to get access to your account from any internet browser; and SaxoMobileTrader is an app for your smartphone or tablet, available for download for ipad, iphone and Android. We proudly view this as the best private/retail client trading platform in the world today. And with your single username/login details, you have free access to all three different platforms. For security purposes you can only be logged into any 1 platform at a time.


Platform specifics

The platforms offer DMA – direct market access, so you trade straight into the relevant stock exchange, without delays. Different order types include limit, market, GTD good till date, GTC good till cancelled and multi-rule based stop loss and trigger orders. You can also view your order on the charts, and their technical analysis and charting tools are phenomenal. All client cash is held in an account with Citibank London. Scrip: Citibank is the global custodian for all securities. Saxo also makes statements a breeze. Your platform shows you all trade history and you can download the necessary reports for your tax returns at any time. You can even request withdrawals from your trading account on your platform, so amounts to be transferred into your bank account. Click below to view a quick video on the Saxo platforms:


What makes them unique?

They offer detailed company information on over 11,000 shares worldwide; forward looking multiples/PE ratios; consensus analyst recommendations; a stock screener tool with over 250 criteria. And up to 70% margin lending. This means if you have a long term equities portfolio with Saxo, they will allow you to trade geared instruments up to 70% of the value of your equities portfolio. So now you can start trading short term instruments without having to fork out more cash to open an account.



Courtney Capital offers you the following great trading platforms:

  1. Iress Investor – an easy-to-use one-screen platform for local instruments
  2. Iress Trader – an advanced trading platform aimed more at day traders, requires Java
  3. Ntrade – Nedbank’s version of Iress, also offereing both Trader and Investor
  4. SaxoTrader – award winning internal trading platform for your desktop
  5. SaxoWebTrader – trimmed down version of be accessed on any browser
  6. SaxoMobileTrader – a mobile version of Saxo’s platform, for your smartphone/tablet

Dummy accounts

We offer dummy accounts on all of the platforms mentioned above. So you can log in, play around, get used to the look and feel, and place a few orders with plastic money. Contact us if you need help setting up.

Open your own trading account now:


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