Sample mandates

Herewith our documents. Don’t worry – you don’t have to print these. Simply complete your details here and we will help you with the rest.

Courtney mandates

  1. Courtney stockbroking mandates 2016
  2. Client Share Transfer Instr
  3. Client risk profile
  4. Client info blank
  5. CFD terms & conditions
  6. Product Mandate – SAFEX (EDM) v2014
  7. IRC Client Agreement (YieldX) v2014

Nedbank for corporates

  1. Controlled Client Mandate
  2. Corporate Application
  3. Electronic Indemnity
  4. End User Declaration
  5. FICA Checklist
  6. Resolution of the board
  7. CFD terms & conditions
  8. JSE Client Agreement

Nedbank for individuals

  1. CFD Application form
  2. CFD Terms & Conditions
  3. Derivative Short Sale Agreement
  4. Fax Indemnity
  5. Schedule for Individuals
  6. Controlled Client Mandate
  7. Order Routing Agreement
  8. UserDeclaration_20130506
  9. Co-Habitants Declaration individual
  10. Shared Business co-hab corporates

Peregrine mandates

  1. Dealing – AMS Dealing Mandate Controlled v2014 Intro Courtney
  2. Election – Client election form v2014
  3. Annexure – Product Annexure (ISDA for Equity Swaps) V1.0.1
  4. Fees – OTC Derivative Fee Disclosure with Client Courtney

Satrix mandates

  1. SATRIX_FORM1_NewBusiness
  2. SATRIX_FORM2_Repurchase
  3. SATRIX_FORM3_Switch
  4. SATRIX_FORM4_DebitOrder_Amend
  5. SATRIX_FORM6_CSDPTransfer
  6. SATRIX_FORM7_TransferApplication
  7. SATRIX_FORM8_DividendTax(EX)
  8. SATRIX_FORM9_DividendTax(RR)
  10. SATRIX_Annexure_A
  11. SATRIX_FICA_Checklist

Saxo local accounts – SCMSA

Saxo new POA

  1. Limited Power of Attorney Aug 2016
  2. Full Power of Attorney Aug 2016

Saxo offshore accounts – SCML

  1. SCML Corporate Application (IB)
  2. SCML Joint Application Form (IB)
  3. SCML Trust Application Form (IB)
  4. SCML POA and terms for money managers
  5. Full POA for a joint account
  6. Full POA for an individual account
  7. Limited POA for a joint account
  8. Limited POA for an individual account
  9. Saxo SSAS Application Form

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