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What is a tax free investment?

National Treasury has introduced tax free investments to encourage people to save. The investment return earned on a tax free investment isn’t taxed and the money in a tax free investment can be withdrawn at any time.

Why save in a tax free investment?

A tax free investment is an effective way to save for your goals. Any interest, dividends or capital gains from your tax free investment will be tax free. This means that you don’t pay tax on the growth on your investment. So your money can grow faster in a tax free investment than in a regular savings account because you don’t pay tax on the investment return.

Saving in a tax free investment gives you flexibility as you don’t have to commit to any future contributions. You can withdraw from your investment at any time. Just keep in mind that withdrawing funds may prevent you from reaching your savings goals and will use up part of your lifetime limit for tax free savings.

How much can I put in a tax free investment?

National Treasury has put limits on the amount you can save in a tax free investment. The total annual contribution in one tax year may not exceed the annual contribution limit, which is currently R30,000 per tax year. The total lifetime contribution may not exceed R500,000. Make sure you keep track of how much you’ve paid so that you don’t exceed your limit across all approved tax free investments (at Satrix or other providers).

Can I have more than one tax free investment?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of tax free investments you can have. Make sure your annual payments across all approved tax free investments (at Satrix or other providers) do not exceed the annual contribution limit.

Can I invest for my children?

Yes, parents can invest in tax free investments for their kids. The investment will have to be in the name of the child and the R30,000 annual limit will still apply to each individual family member. A monthly contribution over a number of years (free of taxes on income earned) can be an excellent way to save for their education.

Can I transfer from 1 provider to another?

No transfers between tax free investment providers will be allowed until 1 March 2016. National Treasury intends to expand the Regulation next year to allow individuals to transfer any amount in a tax free savings and investment account from one institution or product provider to another.

What if I am an existing client with Satrix?

The final Regulations provide that a client may not convert existing investments into a tax free investment. National Treasury is investigating the possibility and any changes will only be finalised later this year. So tax free savings accounts are only for new investments.

What is the minimum I can invest?

Through Satrix exactly the same minimums still apply, ie R300pm or a R1,000 lump sum. Keep in mind that if you want to invest via debit order and you want to stay below your annual limit of R30,000 per individual for a tax free savings account then you cannot invest more than R2,500pm.

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