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Buy. Sell. Long. Short. In. Out. Anything offered by the JSE. But not only that. With us you can trade the world. Up to 24,000 different instruments on 33 different exchanges. Including all of the below.

Trading desk screens

  1. EQ: local shares/equities traded through the JSE
  2. INTL: international shares/equities with Citibank
  3. ETF: exchange traded funds, like Satrix 40 or GLD
  4. SSF: single stock futures, both local & international
  5. IDX: international single stock futures through the JSE
  6. CFD: contracts for difference, on local and internationals
  7. FX: trade more than 160 different currency pairs
  8. OPT: options on the above, local and international
  9. Safex: index contracts, like the ALSI, through Safex
  10. Indices: add the FTSE, SP500, DAX and many more
  11. YieldX: currency futures against the Rand

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How to trade

Phone: you can phone in your trades, for your broker to execute. Platform: you can trade online, on your pc, tablet or smart-phone. Combination: or you can have the best of both worlds – sit with the platform and still call in your trades when you want.

Managed or not

We cater for seasoned investors and traders, and also for those who are new to the markets. So you can either make all the trading and investment decisions yourself, or you can appoint a Portfolio Manager to trade and manage your account on your behalf.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at any time — so that we can customise a solution according to your individual needs.

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Open a free demo account and play around with 100k for 20 days in order to test the platform. Trade local and international instruments. Get it now.